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My readings provide guidance and clarity on your journey. All of my sessions require the use of voyance (intuitive vision) and some sessions will use nimitta (the study of omens). If I happen to see an omen for you we will discuss it during the session.

the diamond reading ♢

  • Formerly known as the “full service reading.” This is the longest and most thorough reading which combines Vedic Astrology, the Cards of Truth system, Voyance & Tarot. If you want the full experience of my offerings this is the reading for you. It’s great if you have a lot of questions or want to go very deep into a specific area. Soul purpose, finances, love life, career, spirituality, health, family life and more may be discussed as well as your forecast for the next 1-2+ years. An accurate birth time is preferred, but not required. ~90 minutes in length.

classic tarot reading ✧

  • I have been reading tarot for over 17 years, so my tarot readings are very in depth! I use my Rohrig tarot to cast a 10 card Past-Present-Future spread as well as a 12 month timing spread to prepare you for what is to come. 60 minutes in length.

NEW basic natal chart reading ✩

  • *Introductory pricing which will be changing in February! This is an intuitively guided reading where I look at the most important aspects of your birth chart and destiny, your current planetary period and your transits for the next 2-7 years. I will also examine the most important karmic points in your chart. 60 minutes in length.

saturn in capricorn ♄

  • A 20+ minute reading that goes over what the Saturn transit in Capricorn will mean for you! This transit begins on December 20th 2017 and will end on December 17th 2020! This is a huge energetic cycle that you will certainly notice. I will let you know what to pay attention for and what this means for you specifically. If you want to explore other areas of your chart please book the Basic Natal Chart Reading.

past life reading ☋

  • I use the tarot, your natal chart, the Cards of Truth and voyance (intuitive vision) to take a look at your past lives. 1-2 lifetimes will usually appear during this reading. Typically they will be the lifetimes that have the most impact on your current incarnation. Of all my options this reading is definitely the MOST energetically intense reading for me to perform and also one of the most interesting! 60 minutes in length. 

relationship compatibility ⚭

  • Classic relationship compatibility using Vedic astrology compatibility techniques. I may also use Western synastry, the composite chart and the Cards of Truth to dig deeper into the essence of your relationship. May be booked as a relationship coaching session. 60 minutes in length. 

life coaching initial session ☽

  • If you have never had a life coaching session with me and want to set up a single session, your initial session will be 2 hours in length. This is for those who are ready to passionately transform their lives. Please book in advance as pre-session questions may need to be answered, dependent upon your specific issue or area of focus for the session. I may use a combination of astrology, tarot and reiki during this session as part of the coaching process. This session may be booked for spiritual counseling as well. If you are a return client please e-mail me to set up a session.

life coaching package ♡
price varies

  • I’ve helped many individuals realize their fullest potential via one on one counseling. If you are very seriously looking to transform any area of your life, this is the option for you.
  • This package is also wonderful for working through difficult times that requires multiple sessions (for example- a break up, job loss, big life change).  Please email me for more information. 

NEW cards of truth reading ♤

  • During this reading I will use the Cards of Truth system as taught by Ernst Wilhelm to look at your life path and potentials. Your Birth Card Spread, 7 Year Progressed Spread and multiple Year Spreads will be examined to look at various areas of your life including career, love life, family life, finances, spiritual life and health. Several card spreads may be cast in the moment “prashna” style to offer more details on what is to come and to answer any lingering questions you may have. Unfamiliar with the Cards of Truth? Watch this video to learn more.

NEW birth time rectification ✎
price varies

  • Have you always wanted to have your chart read, but are unsure of your birth time? Accurate birth times are essential for anyone who is serious about getting the most out of their astrology consultations. I can figure out your birth time to the exact second using a process called “rectification.” This is a very time-consuming process, taking hours, days or weeks to fulfill an individual request. Please contact me so that I can assess your particular situation as prices are determined on a case by case basis.


As an experienced reader, I have noticed that the most profound transformations and insights arrive from working with clients over a period of time rather than in an isolated session. Many of my clients also come back again and again to try all of my offerings. I have designed two sets that will fit most needs- the occult set (inner growth) and the day star set (outer expansion). These are also excellent for those of you that are interested in exploring all of the different modalities that I work with. The sets are the best value for the price as well, which I am happy to offer!

occult set ✩♤✧

  • Occult means “that which is hidden.” This package includes the Basic Natal Chart Reading, the Cards of Truth Reading and the Classic Tarot Reading. You will be scheduled for one reading per month during which you will learn invaluable information about your self and persona in this incarnation, who you are on a soul level and the most pressing karma you are dealing with at present. During the tarot card reading you will be able to answer any lingering questions you may have. This is for those that want to go deep and/or explore these different fascinating modalities during a period of 3 months. *You may add a past life reading to this package for a special price of $150 to go even deeper into the hidden layers of your soul’s experience.

day star set ☽✩☽✧

  • Day Star is a term that has shown up in texts in reference to the Sun. The Sun is the active part of our make up that allows us to take consistent action in the world and to build to our greatest success. The day star set is a powerful package of 4 sessions that will enlighten and empower you to take charge of your kingdom and fulfill your ultimate potential. This set includes the Initial Coaching Session, the Basic Natal Chart Reading, a Follow-up Coaching Session and the Classic Tarot Reading. Huge changes are possible (and nearly guaranteed!) during the 4 months of this set. This is a powerful set! You may come with specific goals in mind or use these sessions to help clarify and bring life to the dreams that are sparking within.*You may add a final coaching session to this set for a special rate of $80 catered to your unique path of outer expansion.

Want to know more about my readings before you book? Check out these lovely TESTIMONIALS.

All options available over phone, Facetime or Skype.
*e-mail for any in person reading requests or event/group requests


Many of you have had a reading with me and have then sent friends and family my way. I want to extend my appreciation for growing my network of individuals whom I get to work with! So, for every 5 referrals you send my way, you will get a free one hour long reading with me. If you have friends and family, are a social media maverick or just very popular; spread the love and I will reward you for your efforts. Just please let your friend, family or follower know that they should mention your name when they set up an appointment with me. I will keep track (°◡°●).:。

recording of session

Our session will not be recorded by default, but if you would like a recording you must let me know in advance. A download of Zoom software will be required and is very easy. You can learn more about recording your session here.