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My readings provide guidance and clarity on your journey. All of my sessions require the use of voyance (intuitive vision) and some sessions will use nimitta (the study of omens). If I happen to see an omen for you we will discuss it during the session. The options below will be available year round, to find out when limited edition readings are offered, including past life readings, please subscribe to my newsletter.

past life reading ♤

  • *SOLD OUT* This reading is only offered at certain times of the year and has been sold out for the current period. Check back or sign up for my newsletter to know when the next window will be. I use your natal chart, the Cards of Truth and a special past life deck to examine your soul’s journey through 1-2 lifetimes that are relevant to this incarnation and your current karma. This is a highly intuitive reading where I may use multiple spreads as well as karmically significant divisional charts in order to examine where you have been as a soul and where you are going. I love this reading!

the diamond reading ♢

  • The longest and most comprehensive reading I offer. This reading combines Vedic Astrology, the Cards of Truth system, Voyance & Tarot. If you want the full experience of my offerings this is the reading for you. It’s great if you have a lot of questions or want to go very deep into a specific area. Soul purpose, finances, love life, career, spirituality, health, family life and more may be discussed as well as your forecast for the next 2-7+ years. Accurate birth data is preferred, but not required. Additional time may be added. 90 minutes in length.

classic tarot reading ✧

  • I have been reading tarot for nearly 2 decades, so my tarot readings are very in depth! I use my Rohrig tarot & Cards of Truth to cast a 10 card Past-Present-Future spread as well as multiple spreads to answer your specific questions. 60 minutes in length.

astrology reading ✩

  • I examine the most important aspects of your birth chart including personality, your personal destiny and more. I also examine the most important karmic points in your birth chart which speak of past life and future karma. 45 minutes in length.

astrology reading + transits ✦

  • In addition to examining your personality, destiny and karmic points I will be looking into the future using forecasting tools such as Vedic Astrology planetary periods (dashas), transits and progressions. This is the most comprehensive astrology reading that will help you to understand where you are now and what the future holds. You may book follow up sessions within the year for $139. ~60 minutes in length.

cards of truth reading ♤

  • I will use the Cards of Truth software to examine the most important aspects of your life path and birth card destiny. I will also cast playing cards in the moment prashna style using several types of master spreads to answer any questions you may have. We may also go over upcoming time periods & years of importance. Accurate birth data preferred, but not required. 60 minutes in length.

cards of truth tour ♠︎

  • Interested in studying the cards, but not sure of how it all works? The Cards of Truth TOUR is an interactive tutoring session/very lite reading which takes you on a personal tour of the Cards of Truth. You will bring a list 10+ important events that have happened in your life and together we will look at what cards activated that energy and how those events relate to your birth spread and bigger life lessons. You will also bring a list of 5+ important people and their birth dates to see how the cards show their influence in your life as well. This tour will show the magic of the cards appearing in your life and may inspire you to learn more! 60 minutes in length.

life coaching initial session ❀

  • If you have never had a life coaching session with me and want to set up a single session, your initial session will be 2 hours in length. This is for those who are ready to passionately transform their lives. Please book in advance as pre-session questions may need to be answered, dependent upon your specific issue or area of focus for the session. I may use a combination of astrology, tarot and reiki during this session as part of the coaching process. This session may be booked for spiritual counseling as well. If you are a return client please e-mail me to set up a session.

life coaching package ♡
price varies

  • I’ve helped many individuals realize their fullest potential via one on one counseling. If you are very seriously looking to transform any area of your life, this is the option for you.
  • This package is also wonderful for working through difficult times that requires multiple sessions (for example- a break up, job loss, big life change).  Please email me for more information. 

astrology + coaching packages ♤
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Want to know more about my readings before you book? Check out these lovely READ TESTIMONIALS.

all options available over phone, facetime or skype

recording of session

Our session will not be recorded by default, but if you would like a recording you must let me know in advance. A download of Zoom software will be required and is very easy. You can learn more about recording your session here.

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