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full service tarot reading

  • This is the option for clients who know they will want to spend a lot of extra time asking questions and digging deeper. This is the longest and most thorough reading which combines Vedic Astrology, the Cards of Truth system & tarot. This reading includes a mini bonus reading of your choice: past life spread, soul purpose spread or a mini astrological forecast (requires accurate birth date, time & location).

classic tarot reading

  • Very in depth! I use a 10 card Past-Present-Future spread as well as a 12 month timing spread to prepare you for what is to come. 

life coaching initial session

  • If you have never had a life coaching session with me and want to set up a single session, your initial session will be 2 hours in length. Please book in advance as pre-session questions may need to be answered, dependent upon your specific issue or area of focus for the session. I may use a combination of astrology, tarot and reiki during this session as part of the coaching process.

past life reading

  • I use the tarot, the Cards of Truth and voyance (intuitive vision) to take a look at your past lives. 1-2 lifetimes will usually appear during this reading. Typically they will be the lifetimes that have the most impact on your current incarnation. Of all my options this reading is definitely the MOST energetically intense reading for me to perform and also one of the most interesting! 

mini past life reading

  • A shorter version of the past life reading using a 3 card spread. Great for a quick look into your most recent or most relevant incarnation. For those that want a taste, but are not yet ready to commit to the experience of the full past life reading.

life coaching single session

  • For returning coaching clients. I work with you one on one to help you achieve your greatest potential or just assist you in working through a difficult time in your life. I may use a combination of astrology, tarot and reiki during these sessions depending on your personal goals and most pressings needs. The initial session is 2 hours long, single sessions are 60 minutes in length. Single sessions may be booked for spiritual counseling as well, please email me with your question or concern beforehand. 

life coaching package
price varies

  • I’ve helped many individuals realize their fullest potential via one on one counseling. If you are very seriously looking to transform any area of your life, this is the option for you.
  • This package is also wonderful for working through difficult times that requires multiple sessions (for example- a break up, job loss, big life change).  Please email me for more information. 

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All options available over phone, Facetime or Skype.
*e-mail for any in person reading requests or event/group requests