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“When I had my reading in October you said I am in my Saturn return and that the road would get bumpy and relationships would teeter on the brink. Honestly I thought no way! Things have been so good the past year or more, what could possibly happen? Well, here we are four months later and not only is my marriage on the brink but I am also dangling at the end of a rope with no one to understand how deeply in one day I could be wounded and nearly broken I just wanted to tell you how accurate my reading was. It’s amazing. I found you on YouTube when you first started and I knew we had a connection. All your work and studies have paid off. We were not promised an easy time in this life,I will get through it.  I should have listened to you more closely and maybe I would be more prepared for what has happened. So, thank you Nicole, I will recommend you to the masses!” -Judy H.

“I have never meet Nicole, but upon her reading my chart it was as if she knew every aspect about my life and who I was. She is incredibly detail oriented and her knowledge of astrology is truly vast. She draws on many different astrological teachings and spiritual wisdoms to give a very unique, and one of a kind astrological reading. Her descriptions and thoughts are organized in an very eloquent and thoughtful way, along with her intuitive gifts that are ever weaving their way into the overall conversation of the session, makes for a potent and powerful combination that is so very helpful when seeking support and astrological answers.” -Elizabeth S.

“Every year around my birthday I treat myself to a reading and this year I hit the jackpot with Nicole.  I’ve been a reader myself for over 20yrs, so feel I’m qualified to say that Nicole is head and shoulders above many readers out there. She knows her craft, has a profound spirituality about her and more importantly, connects at a very human level to convey the messages.  I would recommend her without a pause or doubt and feel like I have found a reader I will check in with for life.” -Jay – Aquarian Insight

“If ever there were a reading that was an absolute blessing, it was the one I received this week from Nicole. Through my years I’ve made it the habit to treat myself to a reading every couple of years and this year I can say was a reading I will keep and remember for many to come. Nicole was so uncannily accurate that I was able to listen deeply and actually sense and feel old triggers being removed. It was much more than a simple reading but a very guided experience of a spirit in flight that could see above where I am standing in my life. I am very grateful and will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.” -Dene’ B.

“My Diamond Reading with Nicole is the first reading of this kind that I ever had. It encompassed all the important aspects of my life: my profession, relationships, hobbies, physical health, spiritual development, and purpose in life. Her interpretations were profoundly accurate. Though it helps to know a little bit about astrology and the cards of truth, Nicole will patiently explain to you anything you don’t understand. She even stayed on the call for a few extra minutes to make up for my internet disconnecting. Thank you Nicole!” -Calvin N.

“Thank you so much for the reading session yesterday. I am glad I waited until this round of eclipse. It was the perfect timing for me. You have given me so many useful advice and now I know what I can do to improve my current situations. I also learned a lot about how a professional reader assesses a chart. It was very inspiring. You are one of a kind!” -Junko S.

“I feel so blessed that I came across your channel/services and that I was able to have my first reading with you. I woke up this morning with a deep peace and sense of clarity and acceptance that I’ve never had before. I feel like a little kid who has just woken up to a new reality with infinite new possibilities before me. Thank you for taking the time to give such a quality and in-depth reading.” -Renee W.

“The reading done by Nicole was very insightful. It gave me a new perspective on my life. In particular, I found the Vedic technics that she was using really helpful!” -Marie K.

COACHING “We all find ourselves at a crossroads in our life at one point or another. A time where you feel as if you do not understand the world nor does the world understand you. Then there is Nicole Brenny… If you are blessed or fated to come across her your life will certainly change forever. Just as in love one should seize the opportunity, one should seize the opportunity when it comes to Nicole. Allowing one’s self to boldly dive in, for the impact it has on one’s life is profound. The kindness, wisdom, compassion and truth that you will receive from Nicole is uncanny to anything one could imagine. The devotion she has to helping others, is something which one would hope for in any friend or loved one. She will truly show you yourself and if you are ready to accept truths that you yourself ultimately knew to be true, then your life may find new paths. Paths which before may have been seemingly hidden. 

The truths one may find through Nicole may be unsettling at times. It is nonetheless the truth, and facing that truth may set you free from the captivity and bondage built up by you yourself. Nicole’s wisdom and guidance helps the shedding of old things which constrain us and no longer serve a purpose in the pursuit of a greater self. Her kindness and truthful nature helps you step into a new light of yourself. A light of rediscoverance and truly filling your life with things that give rather than take from it. 

With the utmost wisdom in several different fields of understanding and thought she will guide you to a better understanding of self. If you are asking yourself if you should book a session, then I ask you how much is your life worth? If you came to the same conclusion I did you already know that Nicole is a game changer!” -Xavier Victor Wayne Stewart

“Your readings really are amazing and I hope you realize how incredibly unique your presence is on Youtube. You’ve got an extraordinarily rare quality and genius for this work that completely transcends age, years of study, etc.  It’s something you simply brought in with you from countless lifetimes and I’ve had readings from and studied with a *lot* of Jyotishis and spiritual people over the years. There are a lot of really wonderful, brilliant, amazing Jyotishis out there and I’m tremendously grateful to so many of them, but you and only a few others combine both the wisdom of Guru as well as Shukra in a perfectly balanced way and that’s a lot more rare than I think most people realize. Your reading was infused with a sense of clarity, connection, compassion and depth of wisdom that, as I’ve said, is extremely rare and this also is completely evident in your Youtube videos.  I really am grateful.” -Laurie H.

“Thanks for a great reading. I bought the Diamond reading, which is a combination of tarot, the astrology chart and the cards of truth. Nicole is not only skilled at all three, she has the additional talent using her perception and guidance which adds that extra element to create the most successful reading. I have already recommended her to friends and will definitely set up another reading.” -Kathy T.

“Whether you are teaching someone the delicate art of origami, the nuances of tending a rose bush, the matter-of- fact-ness of changing the oil on a ’72 Mustang, or the practical implications of ‘String theory’, the one element that all practiced guides have in common is that they infuse what they do with ‘love’. Not only can you feel the love of what they ‘do’ come through their guidance, you are subtly embraced by the genuine love (and her twin flames of kindness and patience) in wanting to see you understand and evolve from what they are sharing. Nicole is such a guide. With just the star map of your soul between you, she beckons you like a galactic navigator – midwife, to adventure forth with the anticipation of co-discovering vistas, that until now had remained mysterious and out of bounds.

Nicole revealed the complexities of astrology and my chart to appear uncanningly simple to understand and apply – zen like! Someone or something was birthed in my session, and I felt safe and delighted that she could be both an initiator and a witness to the star burst. I’m looking forward to see how it all shines on.” -Johnny C.

“My past life reading was the second session I’ve done with Nicole and she does her work with so much care and honesty. It was such an in depth reading, I loved how she approached it with astrology and the cards of truth using her intuition, which is incredible. Typically you wouldn’t think a past life reading could actually give you so much guidance and assurance on your path in your current life but she emphasized that too which I really appreciated. I can’t recommend this reading enough, it is so intriguing!” -Nina M.

I loved your video! Thank you for reading my chart, it was such a good video and exactly what I needed at the time, TBH! -Golden T.

Nicole, thank you so much for your kind, generous and insightful guidance! -Jenny E.

I won a mini birth chart reading but didn’t find out about it until the next day. I turned on the video and heard my birth info, then when she started reading my chart I could not believe the accuracy! I then booked a tarot reading and it felt like I was with someone I have always known. Very accurate. She took her time and I didn’t feel rushed. Thanks Nicole, you told me to express my emotions more. So I will start right here. Love ya girl! -Judith G.

A heartfelt thanks for the brilliant tarot reading today, Nicole.I look forward to my Diamond Reading next week! -G.C.

Nicole is a very talented spiritual reader. I have had many different types of readings with many readers and Nicole is among the best. Her reading was very accurate and I like that she tells you month by month what’s coming in your life. It takes a skill and confidence to offer readings like that because other readers don’t offer that type of reading. I highly recommend Nicole. -Renata Z.

Based on the truth in my heart, I felt that you have this gift and I have had numerous vedic astrology readings as a child, thanks to my grandma and several psychic readings but you are the only person that I knew for Sure has this gift. I am glad we interacted. -Stefanie F.

Recently I had received a “Diamond Reading” from Nicole. I couldn’t be more pleased with the Reading  which includes Vedic Astrology, Cards of Truth, and Voyance & Tarot. Many things have become more clear to me now. Nicole is very sincere, and clearly enjoys helping people. I highly recommend her to anyone who is getting a Reading for the first time and those who have had Readings in the past. Nicole made me feel comfortable from the beginning, like an old friend! I am very excited about my next Reading, which will be very soon! -D. James

I just wanted to say a big thank you again for the reading. It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot about myself and gained insight on what I need to work on and focus on. 
I am glad that I listened to my intuition and went forward with booking a session with you, it just felt like the right time to do so. I am sure that I will get back to you in the near future for another reading! 
-Svetlana L.

COACHING/DIAMOND I just wanted to say thanks so much for your patience today…I know I had a lot of silly questions but they were important to me and your insight was so healing, and for that I am very grateful and thankful. It’s also really nice to be able to make sense of things and see things with more clarity. -Sarah M.

I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort on the readings yesterday. It was definitely something that was much needed for me. Your interpretations were spot on. I liked how you encouraged me to go out and be more open, something I personally don’t enjoy, but it’s also something I always find myself being stuck on.-Kiko M.

FREE LIVE READING WINNER Regarding last night’s reading, I must admit that I came into the live streaming a little bit of a skeptic. I thought that since these were mini readings even if my chart was read it wouldn’t be detailed enough to make an impact. However, it was so spot on I am actually really surprised. I have been in debt for the past couple of years and it is something that I have been struggling these last few months to pay off and be over with. The night before the reading I was actually almost in tears. So the moment you mentioned debt in the context of ‘letting go’ I was like: “No way!” since it has been on my mind for a long time but specially these last few weeks.Thank you. -Barbara C.

You said that I am not getting a job because I lack skills and I need training based on the Tarrot card you got. Now this is completely true. I am unable to learn things and improve my skills because of some factors and this is why I am not getting new job. It’s unbelievable that you are so accurate. -Roshan R.

I am extremely happy that you did my reading. I am struggling a lot because of this relationship issue right now and your reading is a great relief for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Nicole -

COACHING PACKAGE 3 months ago I was in a very confusing and was very unsure about my life’s purpose. I felt like I was autopilot. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled with my life. I chose the path of Life coaching with Nicole and by gosh I am so happy I decided to take that journey. After 3 months of receiving guidance from Nicole, I have truly transformed my life financially, spiritually, and mentally! I have come to enjoy the simplicity of life and the things that I already have. I am now taking the path of becoming a minimalist and to shine more light on my own happiness. Because when mama’s happy, everyone is happy! I am proud to say that I haven’t done any retail therapy in 2 months and I am slowly rising above my debts! I am proud to say that I am meditating more and connecting with nature on a whole new level! I highly recommend Nicole as a life coach! She’s amazing with listening and asking the right questions to help you find the answers within yourself that you already obtain. You will NOT be disappointed if you decide to take this journey. Much love to you Nicole and I have so much gratitude for the experience of being guided by your beautiful insightful coaching gifts. -Emily C.

A reading with Nicole is like talking to a friend that has known you for all your life, she has insight that goes beyond logic. Thank you Nicole for your gift, also you are spot on about my son, another surgery but not for a tumor! I have received readings before from others, I will say Nicole was the most accurate and guiding. Love you Nicole -Julie P.M.

Getting a reading from Nicole was a truly clarifying experience. I feel like I’ve stepped into this new chapter and I’m making great progress in my life. I wanted to mention that I also implemented the flower remedy drops and it has helped me tremendously! I have quit coffee (aside from my weekly Starbucks treat) and feel great. I can’t wait to get a reading from you again come 2018! -Alejandra  S.

I had my very first Tarot reading last month because something compelled me to get counsel from Nicole. The session was regarding my career and which paths to take. Nicole is so warm and insightful, it feels like I was speaking to an honest friend. She hit the nail on the head on several major issues, which really puts me in awe of her intuitive strength. Thank you Nicole!  Look forward to our next chat.
-Hien D.

COACHING I seriously have you to thank you for always making me feel better during difficult situations and demanding that I take care of myself. I need that apparently and I cannot thank you enough! -Corrina S.

I just want to say thank you for my reading today, it’s really helped me realise what I need to focus on to better myself. It just made me so happy, honestly thank you! I would really love to get a full reading one. Thank you! -Jonathan K.

Nicole’s readings are such a steal considering how knowledgeable and talented she is and how much time and energy she is willing to dedicate to you as her client. You can tell that she is humbled by what she does and that made me feel genuinely honored to have her take the time she did to coach me for the one session she had. As soon as the session ended I already gained so much from her insights and with the tools she gave me I feel myself benefitting from it more and more and growing in my self love, personal power, and understanding of my relationships everyday. I am so thankful and will definitely be purchasing more readings from her in the future! -Nina M.

“I’m so glad I had the opportunity to have Nicole read for me! Felt like we were friends from the very beginning and although I got quite nervous it’s like a few doors have been opened, I can now have a better understanding of my own behaviours as well relationships around me, and her advice helped me understand that indeed there’s nothing wrong with me, it’s all part of my evolution process.
It’s really crazy because I felt like I was talking to a friend I’ve known for years, the things she spoke and talked about really opened my eyes and I’m so blessed I could have this reading, I recommend her for anyone that might be going through some troublesome roads or finds themselves constantly lost, I totally adored her and can’t wait for the next time! ♥”
-Victoria E.

“The session was absolutely brilliant! I had such a good time learning about my past life and going through my natal charts with Nicole. It was really spot on too, almost weird… I highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested in astrology and past lives, spirituality in general. Thank you so much, it was eye opening.”-Roxane

“I am so, so glad my path serendipitously crossed with Nicole’s. From the first five minutes of our Full Service reading so much of my life journey and personal struggles began to make so much more sense, it became so crystal clear. She explained my astrological transits and how they’ve been affecting me and how they’ll continue to affect me for the next year. It’s been awhile since the reading and I’ve been carrying all of her revelations with me as I’ve moved forward. She delivers very complex Vedic astrology and tarot readings in such an intuitive and simplistic way. I’m constantly going back to the notes I took during our reading and finding them to be more true and revelatory as time goes on, and using them to overcome the inevitable challenges life throws our way! Will absolutely recommend her to any/all friends in need of a reading. I cannot thank Nicole enough for the knowledge and spiritual guidance she shared with me, and will definitely be coming back for future readings. Thank you, Nicole! <3 ^_^" -Kiri

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the reading! I know I didn’t say too much as I was quite nervous, but it was really helpful. When you mentioned that this year hasn’t been the easiest and that there was a huge need for change and probably changes have already happened, I couldn’t believe how spot on you were. There was a lot for me to do and learn the past few years due to some very difficult circumstances. I’ve had a constant desire for change and to focus on myself. I’ve always been unclear about my path in life, and what I’m meant to do, and if I should pursue my creativity and you just totally made me feel confident about what I’m doing and that it’s the right track for me so thank you so much. -Julia M.

“I’ve been doing tarot readings with Nicole since 2014. She’s insightful, compassionate and consistently offers sound advice. Her readings have been extremely helpful to me during times in my life where I felt lost and confused and needed an outsider’s opinion to offer different solutions to my troubles. In 2016, Nicole started reading my Vedic Chart which has been another way of her being a supportive presence in my life. I have since become a more level headed, open minded and calm individual with a more fulfilling life. I’m consistently grateful to have found Nicole and never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who might need extra guidance with something they feel lost in.” -Brittani L.

“On the personal side of life in your reading of myself, you have my gratitude for providing an intuitive natural feel to your words clearly revealing concepts in a most nurturing tone of care. Thank you for taking care of the human side of things! Your intuition is clear and precise. Nicole deftly touched upon many topics with grace and humility. I highly recommend her to be the first person on your mind for any reading you may want or need!” –David S.

“I wanted to thank you again for the past life reading yesterday. I didn’t expect that it would go in that direction, but I guess it unraveled some things I hide from myself, and confirmed some other things, so again, thank you. You are very skilled at making your client comfortable and at giving kind advice. I hope your practice is/will be thriving and will definitely come back for a reading at some point.”
-Carmina A.

“I have one question, is it normal to get emotional and cry at times after a reading because for some reason on and off I get all teary-eyed. I feel like you helped me a lot and it’s funny because everything you said is like everything that I am. I just really want to thank you sooooo much for helping me to understand what is going on with me because I have been on a roller-coaster ride trying to figure it out.” -Kristy W.

“I got a past life card reading from Nicole and was very impressed with her intuitive skills. She added very fine details in the reading which made sense when I co-relate that with this life. She is very good at making connections with the cards. I am very skilled at the cards myself and I can approve or endorse her skills in the same. She is also a very kind and caring person. As a client you can be assured that your concerns or questions will be accurately answered with empathy and kindness. Good luck Nicole!” -Ganesh Jayakumar

“Nicole is a genuine and gifted soul.She is beyond a Tarot Card reader; she is an Oracle! She has this incredible ability to read into your soul and bring deeply buried issues to the surface that will completely take you by surprise. During my reading I was stunned at the accuracy with which she brought up an issue that was not even part of the reason why I went to her! But as I now realize, addressing this particular issue… and healing it is so crucial to my growth and success.My suggestion to all would be this – Go with a completely open mind and be prepared to be blown away. Nicole uses various systems, including a “Cards of Truth” system developed by the renowned astrologer Ernst Wilhelm, which is incredibly precise at validating her intuitive gifts. This was one of the best decisions I have made in the recent past. Thank You, Nicole!” -B.P.

“Nicole is gifted with a mystical intuition that will send you vibrations through whatever mode of communication you are using, during her readings. I have been receiving readings from Nicole for about a year and half now and will continue to do so if her busy schedule allows for us to speak! (She is often booked with many readings weekly). With a thorough and continuing knowledge in Astrology, and an artistic sense of self, Nicole provides insights that are affirmative and honest. She understands how to get to your core, and what guidance you need based on your chart, and her super powers. Nicole’s artistic background comes forth when she provides sustainable resources, ideas, and examples of things one can do in order to change parts of their lives they are unhappy with. Every single reading I have gotten from Nicole has always expanded my perspective on my struggles and my own potential. She works with you in attaining optimism in yourself and circumstances. Nicole’s sweet and calming nature will compassionately guide you in understanding your most inner turmoil with no judgement . I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in digging deeper inside themselves – and regularly recommend her to my friends. Her cosmic energy will leave you searching for truth everywhere you go.” -Ayqa K

“Nicole is a great, insightful & understanding reader. Talking to her felt like talking to a friend. I highly recommend her for a reading. She mixes tarot with astrology which makes for fuller more comprehensive reading furthermore she offers personal advise & draws from her own life to give advice & direction to the person getting the reading.Thanks Nicole.” -Jen

“I’ve been interested in Tarot for some time and have a decent grasp of the basic meanings of the cards and symbols, but Nicole is able to draw out a richness of nuance and context from the cards which brings great meaning to the reading and helps me not only see, but really understand, what these symbols and archetypes are trying to reveal to me.” -Ricardo

“Nicole is so amazingly intuitive. Her readings have always been completely insightful at times when I need a little guidance. I am always blown away at how accurate and precise her readings are. I always go into them with intentions and she has the remarkable ability to perceive them and help me work through them. I look forward to her readings and always end feeling a sense of completeness and purpose. Thank you so much, Nicole!” -Lauren P.

“First, thank you so much.  I knew instinctively my reading was very extraordinary it just took another listen to realize how amazing it was.” -Anon

“Finding out I was a Mason was awesome! I have always had a strong affection for architecture.  Again, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing reading. It was life changing and I am truly grateful.”  -S.R.

“Nicole is great & you can tell she truly cares about her clients and readings. She’s incredibly insightful & I will definitely be saving up for a reading from her again sometime! Her use of different forms during the reading really makes it a whole “experience”. I genuinely have nothing bad to say and would highly recommend her to anybody. You can tell she is truly dedicated and cares about her craft.” -Shaina K.

My reading with Nicole was fantastic, moving and very interesting. Nicole gave me a run down of what i can expect for the next 12 months with specific dates. I look forward to the next 12 months and will get another reading next yr as a treat. Thank you Nicole xxx.” -Sushma P.

“I received a reading from you a couple months ago that was transformative for me. I just want to say that your gift is so inspiring, and the reading could not have been more accurate. Thank you for offering readings and overall being an encouraging influence in the world. I have learned so much from your videos and cannot get enough.” -Jessica W.

I wanted to thank you again for the reading. It was spot on (and hopefully will be going forward as well). I even told my oldest son what you said about how he needs a relationship to feel complete, and he acknowledged that that was true.
And one more thing. You’re obviously very gifted and talented and have a loyal clientele. You could probably be charging a lot more for your readings and classes. With that said, I want you to know that I’m really grateful that you try to keep your offerings affordable for everyone. I appreciate your efforts to keep things accessible for as many people as possible.
Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful week!” -Anon.

“I did a Diamond reading with Nicole. She is a talented astrologer and card reader, who puts her heart and soul into helping you. She has a deep knowledge with very light and beautiful energy, great combination. Thank you Nicole!I just want to say that your gift is so inspiring, and the reading could not have been more accurate. -Maria S.

COACHING “Nicole has been my coach for the past several months, and I so grateful for her teaching and guidance. For a long time now I have been searching for something, but not able to identify what that is. With Nicole\’s coaching, I have been unraveling my cluttered mind and identifying my guiding values. Not an easy task but with Nicole’s talent in Tarot cards, Cards of Truth, Astrology, and Spiritual works, I now have a clearer vision of my path.

Nicole is also a sharp teacher with a deep well of wisdom, kindness, and patience. All our sessions have given me much to think about, and homework to do. Admittedly I fall short on the homework exercises, occasionally, but I never feel judged. Each session has been transformative, even the way I breath now is different. 

I’m thankful to have started this journey in Nicole’s good guiding hands. She truly is a catalyst for the change you seek!”-Hien D.

“My reading with Nicole was very insightful! As a student of astrology and a person who has had several tarot/intuitive readings throughout my life there was such insight and realizations she brought forth with the cards of truth that had never been relayed in any previous astrological or tarot/psychic readings in my past. During the reading it was as so there was flashbacks of times or situations in my life that Nicole was able to help me with understanding my life in a more all around way, and it really encompassed my life as a whole. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to have an amazing reading with a gifted person. Thank you Nicole!” -Cindy Z.

Just wanted to let you know that the card predictions at the end of our session were accurate. They were simply about whether I was going to get an offer from any of the 2 job interviews I had just had. I did get an offer the following Wednesday. 
And the 2nd question was which company would be best for me.The cards said to choose the 2nd company and that was the one I got the offer from ( and the one I really wanted). So that was pretty cool to know ahead of time. I will definitely book another reading with the astrology and tarot cards next time.” -Isabel X.

“Nicole…I will forever be internally grateful. No one can know how amazing such an experience is until they themselves experience the true width and depth of a past life reading with a true see’er like you!  There are not words to describe what i was feeling as you spoke. I am truly amazed at the similarities or as you describe polar opposites, reoccurring themes i know now without a doubt are for REAL! You are for real! I wish i could explain more of what i know now but clear communication is something I’m working on in this life i have a hard time with articulation, but thank you so very much. Nicole… It was amazing and i would encourage ANYONE to hit you up for a past life reading… She’s the real deal folks!!!” -Sonia K.

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