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learn from Nicole, a master tarot reader with 20 years of experience with the tarot

Tarot Card Course ✦


This will be the first ever tarot course I am offering. However, you may check out the testimonials from my Cards course:

“This class has been amazing, I’m so grateful that “past Nora” made the impulsive and ostensibly impractical decision to join :))) can’t imagine life without it at this point. “- Nora O.

“I think you are a natural teacher. The pace of the class is appropriate and I love your sense of humor. I also appreciate the details that you bring up (like the crabs that crawled up from the beach last session). The only difficult aspect to comprehend is how this class will last 6 months as it seems like we are on the cusp of being able to read after two weeks.” -Jeff S.

The Tarot Card Course is a full 12 week course in the tarot for those interested in self study or to build a professional practice. This class is perfect for those with no knowledge of the tarot to intermediate level students. Those with even more knowledge on the tarot could also benefit greatly from the hands on practice and research potential that this class offers.

A 16 week Certification Track offering is also available. More details are at the bottom of this page.

Dates: January 16, 2020 – March 19, 2020 & January 2, 2020 – April 16, 2020 for certification track students

Time: Consecutive Thursdays with Class time starting at 9 AM Costa Rican time or 7 PM Costa Rican time

*We will take a vote to see what time works best for the majority of students. If the class sells out the course will take place at both times.

Duration: 12 Weeks, 2 Hours of class time per week

16 weeks, 2 Hours of class time per week for certification track students

Should the class sell out I will offer both a morning and evening class time. In this case you will have access to 4 hours of class video playback each week ☺︎ (my courses typically sell out).

Location: Conducted over Zoom, Webinar style. You will receive a course link to click on to take you to our session every week.


  • A prior knowledge of tarot, Card reading and/or astrology is preferred, but is by no means necessary.
  • ︎ All students must have access to a tarot card deck of their choosing, suggested decks will be listed in the Materials List for this course
  • ✦ All students must have access to Zoom software, which is free
  • ✦ An excitement to learn and willingness to try.

What You Will Learn: Every session will be interactive. In these 12 weeks we will be going over:

  • ✧ technical and intuitive meanings of all 78 cards
  • ✧ positive & negative meanings of all 78 cards
  • ✧ the difference between the major and minor arcana
  • ✧ classic decks vs. master decks
  • ✧ how to use 7 master spreads
  • ✧ intuitive & technical reads (you will master these!)
  • ✧ how to develop a deeper connection with your deck
  • ✧ the numerology of the tarot
  • ✧ the elements in the tarot
  • ✧ how to read for yourself
  • ✧ reading for others
  • ✧ the magic of the major arcana
  • ✧ card symbolism and omens
  • ✧ card combinations and secret card combinations
  • ✧ how to avoid the biggest mistakes tarot readers make & more

You will be able to read for yourself and others at the end of these 12 weeks. Dedicated students will be able to do so confidently and masterfully!

In addition to these concepts, we will have time to cover other surprise topics. The certification track students will be going more in depth. You can read more about the certification track below.

This course includes 24 hours of LIVE classes covering all of the material above as well as the following:

  • ✦ Practice Readings during each session. You will be read for and give readings under the guidance of a master reader.
  • ✦ Access to a private Facebook group for students
  • ✦ A course kit including a Welcome Packet & Tarot Options Packet
  • ✦ Within the first 4 weeks of course you will receive your “personal tarot key” derived from you personal birth chart and Cards of Truth spread. This is a personal gift from me that will help you to understand what unique gifts you bring as a tarot reader
  • ✦ Your “personal tarot key” will also include a mini reading from me to guide you during these 12 weeks!

Live class participation is not required to take the course. Although you will likely learn more by being an active participant in the group, you can watch the replay of the videos which will be available at a private link.

Supplementary Material: This is a shorter course than my previous offerings. I want to be able to get you comfortable with the tarot in 12 weeks, and it is possible if you are dedicated. To help with the process, I may make additional course material available to watch and read in between classes via pdfs, videos and more. My goal is to have you reading the tarot confidently within 12 weeks! It’s definitely possible and I look forward to seeing you succeed ☺︎. All of the supplementary material is unique material for this course and has never been published or offered elsewhere. I am essentially passing down my secrets and tricks of the trade. I haven’t been willing to share my secrets until now! You will be the first to know how I read the tarot!

Homework: I am a huge fan of a traditional classroom environment. I have personally found accountability- especially in the form of homework, to be extremely helpful while learning something new.

During this course you will receive a syllabus that will contain a list of mandatory as well as recommended resources for the course. Each week the syllabus will list recommended reading and/or recommended viewing for the following week.

You will have homework and/or activities in between sessions that you should be prepared to turn in or speak on, although not all assignments will be reviewed by me.

Fees: $929 for the full 12 week course. You must pay the class in full by Dec 11 2019 in order to secure your spot. However, seats are limited and my last two courses sold out- TWICE. I highly recommend securing your spot ASAP. *Payment plans may be considered for serious students.

Pricing questions: I just want to address that this course offering may seem to be a bit more expensive than my Cards course. Just to clarify, I have priced it nearly the same taking into consideration that the Cards require the purchase of additional software and website registration. I also have considerably more experience with that tarot and this course is much more INTENSIVE and IMMERSIVE. We will cover more in a shorter period of time. It’s dense. I try to make my offerings reasonable and I always provide the best value I can ☺︎.

Deadline: Please sign up and submit payment : before Dec 11, 2019. I will consider late sign ups, but there has been a huge amount of interest in this tarot course and seats are limited so I recommend securing your spot ASAP.

Once you have paid you will be on the list to receive the welcome packet for the course as soon as it is ready!

To Sign Up: Please submit payment here: https://www.paypal.me/nicolebrenny

Then email a receipt or send a quick note to hi@nicolebrenny.com from the email you would like to have as your student email address where I will send all emails related to the study group. Just let me know you paid and I will be sending you your welcome package before class begins!

Certification Track: I am very excited to be offering a certification track to serious students. The certification track is a much more intense offering and is something that I wish had been available to me when I was developing myself via the tarot. The certification track includes all of the 12 week course offering PLUS:

  • ✦ You will complete a small project on the tarot
  • ✦ You will realize a BIG project with lots of one on one support during the term. *This is huge- you can essentially get your foot in the door to creating your niche in tarot. This is what I am MOST excited about in terms of teaching this class.
  • ✦ You will receive in depth feedback on your projects
  • ✦  2 60 minute coaching or tutoring sessions with Nicole (your choice)
  • ✦ You will meet for an additional 4 extra weeks of classes which will include the presentation of class projects, the business side of tarot and developing your niche in tarot (super important these days!)
  • ✦ Some student projects may receive promotion on my channel and social media
  • ✦ ALL fully completed student projects will receive promotion via my newsletter
  • ✦ You will have community support for your projects via the private Facebook group 
  • ✦ You will receive priority access to any upcoming courses and events 
  • ✦ You will receive extra suggested material and videos to go even deeper

Course Load: 6-15 hours weekly *dependent upon choice of final project

Certification Track Fee: $929 for the full 12 week course + $608 for the certification track or $1537 total. You must pay the class in full by Dec 11 2019 in order to secure your spot.

*Payment plans may be considered for serious students.

What is special about this course:

  • ✧ I work one on one with students during class time to ensure that every student is integrating the material on a technical & intuitive level
  • ✧ My classes are taught LIVE with up to 4 hours of live material available weekly + pre-recorded videos
  • ✧ All of the material I share in this class will not have been published elsewhere
  • ✧ I do not hand out certifications to just anyone. Those who receive a certification will TRULY know how to read. Your certification will have meaning
  • ✧ I am a self-taught reader so you will learn how to read tarot in a way that is not shared in any book, video or via any other teacher
  • ✧ I have extensive knowledge in reading tarot with 20 years of experience. It will be hard to find an instructor with a live offering that has as much experience as I do
  • ✧ You will receive homework & feedback which will keep you engaged and help you to improve your skills more quickly
  • ✧ You will receive “your tarot key,” which is a special magic gift to assist you in this course
  • ✧ I have experience as a teacher and have helped to usher in a new generation of amazing Card readers many of whom have shared their testimonial:

This is my first time teaching a tarot course. However, please check out the testimonial from my previous course offerings:

Testimonials From Past Students

“Nicole is fabulous. She is kind, patient and very thorough. If she does not know the answer she will always get back to you. Nicole gives you lots of materials and notes to help you with your understanding of the cards.
She gives you a different way of thinking through the cards also. Her experience and her knowledge is second to none. She is a great teacher and card reader.I would recommend her to anyone.” -Diana R.

“The Cards of Truth is a great tool for self understanding and to help people understand themselves further. I really enjoyed my time in this group. I find Nicole to be a great teacher mixing very well logic and intuition.” -Nicolas S.

“Want you to know I think your doing a great job! teaching us!  You knowledge on the subject amazes me as does you cool demeanor, you really are a great reader. Can be hard given the varied degrees of experience, knowledge and temperament of the class. Such good work.” -Meg C.

“I just want to let you know that I had a great time in your class, even though I couldn’t always be there, I enjoy watching the videos afterwards and learning about the cards. It’s great to get your insight especially since knowledge about the COT system is so limited.  You have so much direct experiencing reading the cards and have many examples to help with understanding. Thank you for being my teacher and guide.  You’ve helped me a lot through a difficult year.” – Anon

“Thanks for another one of your great classes tonight. I would also like to mention how well you teach and have organized this class for your 1st time.  I’ve been teaching a long time and appreciate the talent you have doing that and being with people. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the class and how much I appreciate not only what you’re doing but the practice, study and love for the subject you have had in most your life.  That is what really shines through as a natural teacher especially on such a subjective subject.” – Sri

“The Cards of truth classes with Nicole are fabulous. Nicole is a great teacher and a great card reader. She truly understands the cards and has the ability to bring them to life to help you understand who you are. I would recommend anyone to take a class or just get a reading with Nicole. Do it for your self it will change your life.” -Anon

“Thank you Nicole for your dedication, knowledge & wisdom in teaching such a fantastic course on The Cards of Truth. Your professionalism, syllabus & teaching skills were impeccable. l thoroughly enjoyed every week exploring our charts and delving into the nitty gritty of life and also the beautiful aspects of finding love, what a journey! I look forward to joining you again Nicole in your next teaching adventure :).” -Gaye

“For anyone who is really interested in using the cards just for themselves and friends on a daily basis or who wants to go further and begin reading for other people, this course is utterly essential. I, personally, only plan on using them for myself, but I couldn’t have done without this course. Nicole is a natural born teacher and has structured this course brilliantly, going into great depth with every aspect of reading the cards, providing a huge amount of material in handouts and making sure that any questions anyone had were thoroughly answered. There was also ample opportunity for everyone in the class to practice and read the cards themselves as the course proceeded and homework that she would review and offer feedback on to ensure that no one was missing anything. I’ve got total confidence that I could send one of my friends to get a reading from anyone who completed this course and it would be absolutely perfect. Nicole has managed to combine great expertise with the cards with kindness, patience and a very obvious genuine concern that all of her students have an absolutely complete grasp all of the material and are ready to take this to a professional level.” – L. H.

More Student Thoughts:

“Nicole’s interpretation of my card spread during class helped me understand who l am, why my life has unfolded the way it has and many other aspects of my journey so far.”

“Nicole is a great Teacher if you are dedicated Nicole will take you all the way to being a confident reader of the cards of truth.”

“The level of thoroughness has been incredibly impressive and, honestly, I’d send any of my friends to have a reading by someone who has completed this course .”

“I liked being able to interact with everyone and listening to everyone’s stories and openness about themselves.”

“I loved the class so much to learn and explore if not to do readings just to learn yourself.”

“Loved the live classes!”

“Nicole, you covered a vast amount of information in a timely and well-paced fashion. As a teacher you are open and gregarious and your energy is contagious. Your courage (Three of Hearts) allowed you to also be the student, and in this spirit we all learned from one another rather than just from the teacher to student.”

“This class really helped me to assess my own individual card spread as well as my family and friends. Being a Seeker, I enjoyed peeling another layer of meaning away so that I could live my destiny to its fullest. “

“I feel the class flowed well and the examples of readings provided ideas for the rhythm of a reading. I like when Nicole expressed the meaning of the cards in her daily life. I love to hear her experience in providing readings.”

“It is great to see how you interpret the information and utilize it in your daily life to explore meaning of life.”

“Having the chance to interact with others about the cards is priceless. Everyone has different perspectives and I found it nice to add the view points of other to mine.”