Zoom Record

Zoom software will be required for recording our session. First, let me know that you would like to record- during the booking process or via e-mail. Then, you will need to download the program well before our session so that there will be no delay to your scheduled time. I will be sending you a link to our meeting a few minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Note: Please select “connect with video and audio” when prompted.

Zoom allows both the host (me) and the guest (you) to record. I will always record our session in Zoom, but you are welcome to record the session on your end which will grant you access to the reading immediately after the session. Zoom will record to a folder on your computer. If I am recording, the file will be sent to you by end of day or at the very latest within 24 hours. These recordings are offered free of charge. (°◡°●).:。

You may download Zoom here.

Recordings must remain private and are subject to all terms outlined in my disclaimer, which can be reviewed here.