Reading Packages

reading packages

As an experienced reader, I have noticed that the most profound transformations and insights arrive from working with clients over a period of time rather than in an isolated session. Many of my clients also come back again and again to try all of my offerings. I have designed two sets that will fit most needs- the occult set (inner growth) and the day star set (outer expansion). These are also excellent for those of you that are interested in exploring all of the different modalities that I work with. The sets are the best value for the price as well, which I am happy to offer!

occult set ✩♤✧

  • Occult means “that which is hidden.” This package includes the Astrology Reading, a Cards of Truth reading and the Classic Tarot Reading. You will be scheduled for one reading per month during which you will learn invaluable information about your self and persona in this incarnation, who you are on a soul level and the most pressing karma you are dealing with at present. During the tarot card reading you will be able to answer any lingering questions you may have. This is for those that want to go deep and/or explore these different fascinating modalities during a period of 3 months.

day star set ☽✩☽✧

  • Day Star is a term that has shown up in texts in reference to the Sun. The Sun is the active part of our make up that allows us to take consistent action in the world and to build to our greatest success. The day star set is a powerful package of 4 sessions that will enlighten and empower you to take charge of your kingdom and fulfill your ultimate potential. This set includes the Initial Coaching Session, the Astrology Reading, a Follow-up Coaching Session and the Classic Tarot Reading. Huge changes are possible (and nearly guaranteed!) during the 4 months of this set. This is a powerful set! You may come with specific goals in mind or use these sessions to help clarify and bring life to the dreams that are sparking within.

Additionally, if you are interested in a more involved coaching experience with regular checkins and sessions, then please send me an e-mail and I can let you know more about my traditional life coaching packages.